ABOUT StockLux

Good service is the principle of our company structure. We are aware that we don't just to offer a trading opportunity but, we are here to accomplish your personal needs, whether you are trading Crypto, or Forex, or in a different market. At StockLux, service matters!

We are well-positioned to maintain our global clients with trading opportunities to different markets. Our customer support teams have a strong presence, making StockLux absolutely a global leader in the trading industry.

We have a client-oriented business model by combining the proven efficiency of our trading platform, and the range of products that we offer; high security, low transaction cost, fast execution and of course 24/7 available customer service.

We release a lot of economic data for our traders --many each week, and sometimes each day. There are events listed on the Economic Calendar along with the scheduled time of the release. This tools and other ones help the traders to make mindful choices regarding their trades.

Stocklux is a trade name of Konstos Markets LTD. Konstos Markets LTD (the “Company” or “STOCKLUX”) with registration number 2039498 is a company registered in British Virgin Islands.


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Forex Trading is a leveraged product and your capital is at risk. It may not be suitable for everyone. Please ensure you fully understand the risks involved by reading our full risk warning.


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